Postdocs and Graduates

Postdoctorial Position:

The Wootton Center for Astrophysical Plasma Properties is a collaborative effort between the University of Texas Austin, the University of Nevada Reno, and Sandia National Laboratories. Several post-doctoral research positions are available through this Center to perform high-energy density plasma experiments and theory/modeling work in areas relevant to astrophysics, including the interior of the sun, white dwarf atmospheres, photoionized plasmas in accretion disks around black holes, active galactic nuclei and gaseous nebulae. The emphasis is on atomic physics and radiation transport properties. The experiments are performed at the Z facility of Sandia with support from the Z Fundamental Science Program. The successful candidates are expected to have excellent technical credentials and skills as well as outstanding leadership potential to carry out research projects. Search for candidates will continue until the positions are filled. Please send a statement of research interests, CV, and contact information of three references by email to Dolores Groves (

Graduate Research Assistant:

Graduate research assistants are students who, in the course of their academic training, are employed in part-time or temporary research positions, where the student's academic training is based in part on the research performed or where the research duties being performed will assist the student in fulfilling his or her degree requirements. All duties and services of graduate research assistants are to be carried out under the supervision and direction of faculty or administration.